About Us

We are in the zealous pursuit of transforming lives

Did you know?

  • 4.7 Million People have diabetes in the UK.
  • One person is diagnosed with Diabetes every 2 minutes.
  • 10,350 people have end-stage kidney failure because of diabetes.
  • Every 7 minutes, someone will have a heart attack in the UK.
  • 2 million men and 900,000 women are living with chronic angina.
  • Cardiovascular diseases is estimated to cost the UK economy 19 billion - 46% direct healthcare costs.
  • There are around 363,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year (49% being women and 51% being men).

These alarming stats show the increasing cost of healthcare, not only financially but the tremendous mental agony they bring to patients and their families.
Surprisingly, a large number of these diseases can be prevented through timely and regular health check-ups followed by doctor consultations, medications and appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications.
We have started Zealth with the objective of putting people in charge of their own health. We want to empower people to be proactive about managing their health, so that they can enjoy a happy prosperous life with their families



We ensure you make healthcare a priority, fitting into your busy lives. With every commitment you make, you add several years of joyous moments with your loved ones.



Through our trusted network of clinics and providers, we ensure to bring comprehensive range of tests to cover a wide spectrum of health ailments.


Transparency & Confidentiality

We aim to make healthcare transparent and make clinics more visible to the patients, ensuring strict confidentiality at all times.



We have got you covered through a comprehensive range of tests to ensure no matter which stage of life you are in, you are protected well.



No matter where you live or work in London, there will always be a trusted clinic near you.



From families, to young couples to expectant parents, we ensure we have tests for everyone.

For Patients

Our offerings for patients and those Zealous about Health are


Trusted & Vetted Clinics

We have curated a list of clinics which offer comprehensive health tests and doctor consultations.



We ensure that you have clinics near to where you live or work, and those that work on weekends, so that you can avail health checks at your convenience.


Reward of Health

We promise you, that every investment made for your health checks will yield great rewards for a healthy life and save you a lot more by keeping health risks at bay.

For Clinics

Our offerings for clinics are


Increased Visibility

We bring your clinic closer to patients. Through Zealth, you can showcase your services to patients better.



Through our in-house branding and PR, we help you reach out to a wider audience through knowledge sharing platform.


New Patients

We ensure to bring in new footfalls and inquiries to your clinics through our platform, while you continue to excel at what you do best, which is, provide quality healthcare.