FAQ for Patients

No, we are not a healthcare provider. We are a platform that helps patients and those willing to get health checkups and vaccinations, find and book appointments with clinics in their chosen locations.

We have undertaken a rigorous approach to select and shortlist clinics which are certified by the Care Quality Commission and are run by reputed doctors. These clinics mostly offer private healthcare. Through this process we ensure you get the best quality health checkups.

We are currently testing out the approach of making health screenings easy for everyone. We are discussing with clinics to understand how we can create seamless experience that works for their internal booking management system and the one we have. We will update this soon.

Your details are passed to the clinic where a representative will contact you to confirm your appointment.

We are trying our best to give you, your preferred slot and dates for your health screenings. However, depending on the clinics prior appointments and schedules, this may not be possible always. The clinic representative will contact you to give you your preferred slot or an alternate one which works for you.

Yes, we are not charging any money from patients who are booking checkups from our platform. You will be directly dealing with the clinic for payments.

We have recorded the most updated prices from clinics. However, in some cases clinics may change their prices or offer discounts without notifying us. You will be apprised of final prices by the clinics directly.

In every clinic page, there is a 'Write a Review' button. When you click on the button, a pop-up will appear prompting you to fill your review and ratings. Since we want authentic reviews, we are asking users to upload their profile picture as well, although it is not mandatory. Authentic reviews help us serve our customers better and will help great clinics differentiate from authentic ones. Each review is approved by our team before they go live on Zealth.

NHS is doing a fabulous work on healthcare for the people in the UK. However, given their excessive pressure and demands, often health checkups are missed out. We figured out that providing an alternative private healthcare service will help prevent a lot of lifestyle diseases prevalent in the UK. So, while you should continue to consult your GP, Zealth is an option for you and your family to proactively manage health and remain fit.

Unfortunately we do not have a phone support option. You can chat with us on our website or email us and we will help you find the right clinic.

We value your privacy strictly and do not share your data with anyone other than the clinic you have chosen for your health check. We use your data to provide you a better experience on our platform and let you know about important health related updates to ensure you live a healthier life.

The clinics you have undergone tests with will be able to give you details about reports and when/how you can collect them. Zealth does not have access to your reports.

It is best to consult with the GP in the concerned clinic about your results. Alternatively, you may want to consult your NHS GP as well to help you with the test result interpretation.

Currently, we are only in London, UK. If you want us to work with clinics in your city, please vote here. Based on demand, we will be moving to other cities as well.

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