Well Man Clinics - What should you know?

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In this day and age, it's vital that one seeks to establish good health habits as it can help in living a longer, healthier, happier, and productive life. Regular health check-ups should, therefore, be a part of everyone's routine as it can go a long way in helping people stay on track with their health goals. Which is why the importance of regular health check-ups can’t be overstated – not only does it help in detecting potential health problems early on but it can also help individuals in preventing or reducing the impact of various diseases. For instance, diseases which might have turned into a chronic condition can be diagnosed early with the aid of a preventive health check-up and thereon with timely treatment, it can be cured with ease.

While women are usually known to opt for regular health screenings, men tend to ignore these all-round check-ups for reasons best known to them. Studies have revealed that men falling in the age bracket between 20-40 are half as likely to go in for check-ups vis-à-vis women in the same age bracket. Men are usually less likely to acknowledge illness and are under the fallacious impression that these regular check-ups are a total waste of money and even potentially harmful. Call it hyper-masculinity or living in denial, the reality is that men are treading a dangerous line. To make matters worse, men also tend to smoke and drink more than women. As per a report compiled by Men's Health Forum in 2017, it was revealed that in the UK, 19 per cent of men die before their 65th birthday. Further, as per the report, the biggest cause of deaths in men was due to cancer followed by circulatory diseases. Blame it on the lifestyles they lead, failure to spot warning signs, or possibly environmental factors and/or genetic issues – the truth is men aren't aware as much about their health. After all, men are under the illusion that illness or diseases are something that can never happen to them and affects only other people until they are proven wrong.

What are Well Man Clinics?

A Well Man Clinic is a health centre designed for men which offer a range of preventive health check-up tests for men. While a lot of men are under the impression that these check-ups are a waste of time and money, the reality is that Well Man Clinics are the need of the hour. There is an adage “prevention is better than cure” and Well Man Clinics have been built on the foundation of that very line of thinking. A bunch of NHS GP surgeries or hospitals offer well man clinics, but it needs to be mentioned that most of them are private

Each Well Man Clinic offers its personalised selection of tests which helps in identifying any early signs of diseases while also providing you with an evaluation of your overall state of health. Factors such as your lifestyle, medical history and family history will be taken into consideration to analyse if you’re at risk of any preventable health conditions. By going for timely health check-ups at a Well Man Clinic, you can prevent several diseases/disorders such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes and even some cancers from turning fatal.  Additionally, these clinics help in diagnosing dangerous diseases in their early stages thus helping minimise or prevent complications and allowing for earlier treatment as well as better outcomes. These check-ups also help in pinpointing areas where improvements can be made to certain lifestyle habits which, in turn, can help keep you on the right track.

What kind of health check-ups are important for men?

The Well Man Check is undoubtedly an important part of disease prevention and unquestionably an excellent test for men of all ages. It proves to be a great starting point to establish base levels of many important health markers which can then be actively monitored to look out for any changes.

Every Well Man Clinic offers its own selection of tests, depending on your age and your key health risk areas. The range of tests is likely to include:

  • A lifestyle assessment with a nurse which will examine your food habits, levels of exercise, whether you smoke, whether you drink and in determining how much and how frequently you drink, etc.
  • Medical & family history
  • Height and weight measurements.
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Checks to analyse blood glucose levels
  • Tests to check cholesterol levels (good and bad) and triglyceride levels
  • Diabetes checks
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) — a test to detect any issues with the heart
  • Liver and kidney function tests
  • Lung function tests
  • Bowel cancer screening ­– faecal occult blood test (FOBT)
  • Prostate Exams/ Prostate Cancer Screening – which includes a digital rectal examination where the doctor will examine your prostate via the anus to feel for changes to the prostate gland. Unless you are showing certain symptoms, or have a family history of prostate problems, these tests won't normally be performed if you're under the age of 45.
  • Bone density checks – to determine the health of your bones
  • Eye tests to check for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy
  • Hearing impairment/assessment tests 
  • Urinalysis —  to check for diabetes and kidney infections.
  • Chest X-ray (in case you're a heavy smoker)
  • Obesity tests ­– by checking your BMI
  • Testicular examination
  • Tests to check for low testosterone­– a key indicator for libido
  • STD testing and screenings for Sexually Transmitted Infections(STI)
  • Muscle strength and joint flexibility.

Furthermore, your doctor may also examine your skin to look out for any unusual moles, spots, or freckles and to monitor for any changes in the colour, size or shape of any spots. Similarly, your ears, eyes, throat, chest and abdomen will also be examined to look out for any abnormalities. Once these tests are completed, you will be presented with an interpretation of the above results.

Who should opt for regular health check-ups?

To be honest, there is no right age to go visit a Well Man Clinic for a health screening test as it’s never too early to get tested and start looking after your well-being. The two key risk factors as a man that one should look out for is ‘being male" and "getting older". After all, nobody plans on getting sick, but unfortunate incidents can happen — even to the healthiest of people. In that sense, regular health check-ups can provide useful motivation and valuable pointers to men who've never paid much attention to their health.

If you feel like someone who has gone through life without paying much attention to your well-being thinking that you could get away with it without facing any repercussions, then it's time to think again. Life is unpredictable and you never know what’s around the corner. A preventive health check-up is a commitment not only to yourself but also to the people who matter the most in your life. Which is why it’s never too late or early to get started on one. After all, you can’t attach a monetary value for peace of mind.