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PregnaClinic is here to help you in your journey through pregnancy & make sure that the mother & baby have a healthy start in life. One of the first of its kind, Pregnaclinic is the first online pregnancy clinic and as the name suggests, they specialise in providing with accurate and reliable health check-up and blood testing service to support in your decision to have a baby right throughout your pregnancy. All the tests are conducted the Doctors Laboratory, one of the most reputed & largest providers of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. The labs are regulated by strict government enforced protocols to ensure results are as accurate and reliable. The clinic has also with a highly reputable, fully accredited and most experienced laboratory that is also utilised by many NHS trusts. Services provided by PregnaClinic Preconception: Planning to have a baby? First and foremost the clinic assesses the sexual health of both the partners to prevent any complications that may arise with the pregnancy. The clinic also provides services to couples or women of 35 years and above who are facing trouble to conceive. Infertility Treatment: 1 in 7 couples in the UK face issues with infertility, out of which male infertility contributes to 50% all infertility cases. Hormonal imbalances being one of the main reasons in both men & women. PregnaClinic offers tests & investigations for both men & women to assess the levels of your key hormones important in maintaining your fertility. Pregnancy Test: You're Pregnant! The clinic gives this good news within 7 days. The clinic uses a sensitive and accurate blood pregnancy test, discreetly from the comfort of your home which can accurately measure the levels of pregnancy hormones HCG and progesterone in your blood. This is useful to determine the health of your pregnancy, to detect any signs of a possible miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or any other issues with your pregnancy. Sexual & Reproductive Health: The clinic provides testing for the common STDs since these diseases can have a negative on your pregnancy and health of your baby.


I enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy with their service. I was much worried about my delivery but they made it all smooth and success. Ms. Liza is the lady behind this. Thanks Liza.


Had great experience here. All their antenatal and postnatal care was awesome. My baby and me are doing good. Waiting to visit for my second child.


  • 76 Wimpole St, London