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4.65 (2 Ratings)

Cardiac Screen Mon-Fri

57-61, Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BD

  • 44-Total Tests Available
  • Same Day Results
  • Cardiac Tests
  • Health Screening
  • Ultrasound
  • Medical Reports
  • Pregnancy Scans
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Very efficient and effective staff. Helped me save a lot of time and their consultants are superb with their diagnosis. Highly recommended - Read more


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Blossoms Healthcare Mon-Sat

The Fire Station 139, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ

  • 4-Total Tests Available
  • Private GP
  • Health Screening
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Blood Tests
  • Occupational Health
  • Physiotherapy
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The specialists here really took time to understand my concern and responded promptly. They suggested me lifestyle changes to make a healthier me. Tha - Read more

At Zealth, we believe in transforming health of the people living or working in Tower Bridge area. Every year, thousands of people in London are suffering from lifestyle disorders. Zealth's fast, easy-to-use, and convenient Lab testing ensures, you can be proactive about health and remain fit. We work with reputed, state-of-the art clinics and labs accredited by Care Quality Commission across London and suburbs, ensuring accurate and reliable results for our clients.

If you live/work in Tower Bridge, it's easy for you to take charge of your health.

You can access the clinics easily from London Bridge, Walworth,Southwark,Elephant & Castle

About Private Blood Tests & Health Checkups in Tower Bridge

In this fast-paced life, we seldom take the time out to reflect on things that really matter – our health and well-being. Due to the nature of our work and the lifestyles we lead, reviewing our health is hardly a priority anymore. This slackness on our collective parts leaves us open to a gamut of health conditions and diseases. Needless to say, staying healthy by adopting clean & good habits is imperative else we could find ourselves frequenting hospitals more often than not. After all, Health is wealth – A proverb which stands true in all respects.

Besides inculcating good habits such as eating properly, getting an ample amount of sleep, regularly exercising, and so on, you also need to get yourself checked up every now and then. By being lethargic, ignorant about your health issues, and needlessly procrastinating visiting your doctor, you could be caught unawares about a slew of health issues that might be brewing for a long time. This is where regular check-ups can help – by helping detect potential health issues before they spiral into a bigger problem, health check-ups give you the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly while helping avoid the onset of further complications. In that light, getting the right tests, screenings, and treatment at the right time can possibly be the most important step you can take towards living a longer, healthier life.

About Private Blood Tests in Tower Bridge

Routine blood tests are an easy, fast & reliable way to assess your general health and can be one of the best methods to reveal more about yourself and your health. Blood tests provide a wealth of information about yourself and your body and can make you aware if you have a disease/disorder or even if you're predisposed to one. It also provides information on how well your organs are functioning, the effectiveness of medicines & supplements you might be taking, your metabolism, your liver function, your mineral levels, along with several other biomarkers. Some of the common blood tests at Tower Bridge include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) test
  • Basic metabolic panel
  • Complete metabolic panel (CMP)
  • Lipid panel Test
  • A thyroid panel, or thyroid function test
  • Enzyme markers
  • Sexually transmitted disease tests
  • Coagulation panel test
  • DHEA-sulfate serum test
  • C-reactive protein test

By opting for regular blood tests, you can be proactive about your health as these tests can help diagnose a plethora of health issues. Furthermore, routine blood tests can be used as a yardstick to understand any ongoing changes that happen in your blood while also helping you track your immune system wellness and optimal hormone balance. Speak to your healthcare professional at Tower Bridge to understand if there are any other blood tests you may need to ensure your optimal health and to find out what's happening inside your body.

About Private Health Checkups in Tower Bridge

Regular health check-ups and routine tests can help in analysing your health status and even detecting any existing issues or potential problems that could surface in the near future. Most health check-up packages in Tower Bridge cover all the essential blood and urine tests for screening a variety of lifestyle diseases and chronic infections. They usually consist of imaging tests (x-rays and ultrasounds), pathology tests (blood and urine), cardiac stress test, kidney, liver, and lung function test. Other tests including testing your glucose levels, cholesterol, BMI, waist and hip measurements, screenings for cancer, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) screenings, Pap smear for women, Risk Assessment Test against Type 2 Diabetes, eye checks, Mammogram for women and PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) may also be conducted depending on factors such as your age, general health, family history, sex, medical history and lifestyle choices.

Truth be told, by opting to get yourself checked at regular intervals, you dramatically improve your chances of leading a long and healthy life. Health check-ups not only reduce your risk of getting sick but also limit the risk of complications by helping to closely monitor existing conditions. Moreover, by helping detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early on, you increase the chances of getting yourself timely treatment and cure. Last but not least, you also can eliminate the incidence of increased healthcare costs over time by limiting or avoiding the need for expensive medical services. It only takes a bit of effort to get tested regularly so make sure to opt for regular blood tests and routine health check-ups at Tower Bridge today.


Common questions & answers

Q: How to find private blood test clinics near me in Tower Bridge?

A: We have organized and curated a list of clinics which provide comprehensive health tests, medical screenings and doctor consultations in Tower Bridge. All you need to do is search the required blood test from the Search tab and choose the Tower Bridge in the Location tab to find your nearest clinic.

Q: How to book a blood test with labs in Tower Bridge?

A: Zealth ensures that you have clinics in Tower Bridge or where you reside or work, and those that work on weekends so that you can avail the health checks and screenings at your convenience. We have made the blood test and health screening booking in Tower Bridge very easy. You can select your nearest clinic and click the Book Now tab.

Q: Is there any same-day blood test lab near me in Tower Bridge?

A: Tower Bridge has a large number of private blood test labs offering same-day tests and results. Zealth can help and assist you in booking a preferred test with the nearest lab in Tower Bridge. All you need to do is click on the above link and select Tower Bridge from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: Can walk-in clinics in Tower Bridge do blood tests?

A: Zealth lists the walk-in clinics in Tower Bridge to ease the process of performing your blood test. Walk-in appointments may vary depending on the lab. Click on the above link and select Tower Bridge from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: How to check blood test results online?

A: Selected clinics in Tower Bridge offer blood test results online. Zealth makes its optimum effort to make online test booking experience smooth and seamless. Select the clinics which offer online results in Tower Bridge and book online.