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  •   142-146 Bellegrove Rd, Welling,DA16 3QR

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Established in 2006, 7 Day Healthcare provides GP services to treat all acute medical needs. They also provide Dental services and cosmetic dentistry services which include dental implants, tooth whitening and invisalign treatments. Other services include Foot-care, ear syringing service, Osteopathy service, beauty service (Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Facial Thread Veins and Acne) and Skinbreeze Microdermabrasion for youthful glow. GP services include Health checks, minor surgery, vaccines, ear syringing, hayfever injection, joint injections, and blood tests. The GP fee for adults is £45 and the under 16 is £35. They also provide travel vaccinations for people travelling to other countries. They have registered themselves as the Yellow Fever Clinic. They provide appointments on the same day or next day with a pre-booking facility. They offer different health check-up packages which include general health checks, urine analysis and blood tests. Foot care is concentrated on Heel pain, Forefoot pain, Ingrowing toenails, General foot care & treatments, Callus and corn reduction, Nail surgery, Gait analysis, Diabetic foot assessment and education, Skin conditions, Toenail conditions. People of all ages can be relieved from Muscle spasms, Headaches, Sports injuries, Arthritic pain, Back pain, Repetitive strain injuries, Sciatica, Tension and Frozen shoulder. Skin rejuvenation, Stretch marks, Skin brightening, Acne & blemishes, Sun damage, Hand care and Skin hydration are covered under Skinbreeze services. The non-invasive Facial aesthetic treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles and others. Why choose 7 day Healthcare? • Very transparent service • Experienced specialists • Quicker appointments • Advanced laboratories


"I have a 5 year bond with 7 Day Healthcare. Since day 1, I’m extremely happy with their service! My whole family trusts them because of few life-saving moments. Forever they will remain as our healers for any kind of illness. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Meghan Rambow

“I visited them as a new patient for tooth related concern. I could consult the doctor immediately without any rush. They are pleasant and offered me a gentle treatment. All I have is only praise for their doctors and staff. Loved their dental practice! Now I smile more!”


  • 142-146 Bellegrove Rd, Welling