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GP Surgery is a private clinic located in Wimbledon, South-west London. The clinic was started by NHS GPs who realised that there are several non-essential procedures and tests which the NHS cannot afford due to their heavy work pressure. And a lot of these procedures and checkups are important to improve quality of life or even detect potentially life threatening symptoms early on. Therefore The GP Surgery’s aim is to empower individuals to be in charge of their own health, make informed decisions about their own health and take proactive steps to be better with full transparency and at affordable costs. Some of the services offered are: Private GP Consultation Blood Tests Travel Vaccination Ultrasound Scan Dermatology Allergy Tests Sexual Health Skin Surgery Private Blood Tests in London taken and interpreted by a Doctor and analysed by a Central London Premier Laboratory. The GP Surgery provides the following Blood Test types: Biochemistry Endocrinology Haematology Immunology Microbiology & Infections Virology & Immunity Allergy Blood Test Cancer Markers Sexual Health Gynecology Male Health Drug Abuse They also offer a Comprehensive Annual Health Check Screening Packages


So glad I registered my kids here ! Fantastic doctors !!


Dr Masha is a very professional and polite surgeon and specialist! He explained everything very detailed, thoroughly! and professionaly! Best specialist I have ever met!


  • Sterling House, 6-10, St. Georges Rd, London