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4.7 (2 Ratings)

PregnaClinic Mon-Fri

76 Wimpole St, London, W1G 9RT

  • 23-Total Tests Available
  • Home Sample Collection & Online Results
  • Sexual Health
  • Pre Pregnancy Check
  • Fertility Checkup
  • Early Pregnancy Test
  • Healthy Pregnancy Test
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Had great experience here. All their antenatal and postnatal care was awesome. My baby and me are doing good. Waiting to visit for my second child. - Read more


4.65 (2 Ratings)

Mayfair Doctors Mon-Sat

37 North Audley St, London, W1K 6ZL

  • 8-Total Tests Available
  • Private GP
  • Sexual Health
  • Travel Vaccination
  • Physiotherapy
  • Emotional Wellness Clinic
  • Flu Vaccination
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Had a great experience at the clinic. I had to travel out of the country on a short notice, so needed Travel Vaccination done quickly. They were able - Read more

At Zealth, we believe in transforming health of the people living or working in Bond Street area. Every year, thousands of people in London are suffering from lifestyle disorders. Zealth's fast, easy-to-use, and convenient Lab testing ensures, you can be proactive about health and remain fit. We work with reputed, state-of-the art clinics and labs accredited by Care Quality Commission across London and suburbs, ensuring accurate and reliable results for our clients.

If you live/work in Bond Street, it's easy for you to take charge of your health.

You can access the clinics easily from Oxford Street,Regent's Park,Great Portand Street,Marylebone,Mayfair

About Private Blood Tests & Health Check-ups in Bond Street

Now it’s easy to take charge of your health with private blood tests and health check-ups in Bond Street with Zealth. It provides easy access to lab and clinics which ensure accurate and reliable results for every customer in and around Bond Street.

About Private Blood Tests in Bond Street

The labs in Bond Street offer a comprehensive range of blood tests which helps to diagnose a wide spectrum of diseases and deficiencies. Hormone levels, body building and PEDs blood tests, thyroid checks, Iron levels, Diabetes, immunity all can be tested. The blood tests are affordable by all individuals as they are competitively priced. The equipment used is precise which helps the experts to provide clear results.  Just choose the relevant blood tests as per your need and ring the reception for an appointment. The blood for sample is drawn very safely without causing any discomfort to the patient. Abnormal results are reviewed by the doctors and necessary comments are provided suggesting what to choose for your medical care.

About Private Health Check-ups in Bond Street

The clinics provide health check-ups and all kinds of scans which are simple and affordable for people across Bond Street. The clinics house themselves with advanced equipment to conduct the tests. They also use large LED TVs which help the patients to visualize the occurrences inside their body. The clinics allow you to choose the tailored tests so that you need not waste money on unwanted tests. All the clinics are known for completely confidential service.

When you want to investigate a condition that runs in the family or anything unusual in your daily routine, then you can go for health check-ups based on your concern. The clinics also provide pregnancy scans from scanning the baby's growth to finding out the gender in a relaxed environment. The various health check-up packages available save your time and money without focusing on unwanted tests. The labs provide accurate results as they are accredited by many recognised bodies. These clinics allow people to begin managing their health concerns without any referrals.

Private GPs visit your home or office based on your appointment details. All acute medical conditions are carefully treated by the GPs with their compassionate care. If your medical condition is complex, he/she may recommend a specialist.

Illness should not be a reason to stop you from the dream of being wanderlust. Travel vaccines otherwise called Travel immunizations are the savers who can protect you from the illness when you travel abroad anytime. The vaccinations work by preparing antibodies to protect your body from disease exposure in the future. The vaccines issued by the travel clinics in Bond Street are safe and effective always. The travel vaccinations like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid and paratyphoid fever, Meningococcal disease, Yellow Fever, Rabies are a few which are commonly administered. Though two people visit the same country, they cannot take the same vaccination because their health conditions may vary.

Common questions & answers

Q: How to find private blood test clinics near me in Bond Street?

A: We have organized and curated a list of clinics which provide comprehensive health tests, medical screenings and doctor consultations in Bond Street. All you need to do is search the required blood test from the Search tab and choose the Bond Street in the Location tab to find your nearest clinic.

Q: How to book a blood test with labs in Bond Street?

A: Zealth ensures that you have clinics in Bond Street or where you reside or work, and those that work on weekends so that you can avail the health checks and screenings at your convenience. We have made the blood test and health screening booking in Bond Street very easy. You can select your nearest clinic and click the Book Now tab.

Q: Is there any same-day blood test lab near me in Bond Street?

A: Bond Street has a large number of private blood test labs offering same-day tests and results. Zealth can help and assist you in booking a preferred test with the nearest lab in Bond Street. All you need to do is click on the above link and select Bond Street from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: Can walk-in clinics in Bond Street do blood tests?

A: Zealth lists the walk-in clinics in Bond Street to ease the process of performing your blood test. Walk-in appointments may vary depending on the lab. Click on the above link and select Bond Street from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: How to check blood test results online?

A: Selected clinics in Bond Street offer blood test results online. Zealth makes its optimum effort to make online test booking experience smooth and seamless. Select the clinics which offer online results in Bond Street and book online.