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At Zealth, we believe in transforming health of the people living or working in Tottenham Court Road area. Every year, thousands of people in London are suffering from lifestyle disorders. Zealth's fast, easy-to-use, and convenient Lab testing ensures, you can be proactive about health and remain fit. We work with reputed, state-of-the art clinics and labs accredited by Care Quality Commission across London and suburbs, ensuring accurate and reliable results for our clients.

If you live/work in Tottenham Court Road, it's easy for you to take charge of your health.

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About Private Blood Tests & Health Checkups in Tottenham Court Road

There was a time when people used to visit their physician only when they were sick, or suffering from a serious medical condition. In this day and age, owing to the lifestyles we lead, health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels have started surfacing earlier than usual. If left untreated, undetected and without quick intervention, there could far greater and more serious repercussions in the future. To add to the problem, many health conditions and medical ailments tend to originate without any obvious symptoms, and before you know, there are serious implications.

Today, preventative health care in the form of regular health check-ups and routine blood tests have become a commonplace. Moreover, with our changing lifestyle habits, increased stress and pollution levels have resulted in individuals becoming more cognizant to rising health issues. As people have become more educated and empowered, the need for early checks and living a healthy lifestyle has grown in importance lest the medical problem gets compounded further. While the threat of potential diseases is always lurking, however, if detected early, you will be still in a position of control to take corrective actions before it's too late. One way of doing so is by opting for regular check-ups. Regular health-check-ups help you to able to stay on top of your health by ascertaining that your body and its organs are working effectively and efficiently.

About Private Blood Tests in Tottenham Court Road

Owing to the hectic lives we lead, we often find ourselves struggling to take some time out for fitness and involving ourselves in physical activities. Add unhealthy food habits, irregular sleeping patterns, stress and other lifestyle factors into the mix and we have a recipe for disaster. Unsurprisingly, over the years, there has been a stark rise in the incidences of chronic heart diseases, strokes, mental disturbances, cancers, diabetes, along with a bunch of hormonal imbalance disorders as well. Coupled with the fact that we let certain conditions go untreated and run its course, by the time it gets detected, it's a little too late.

Routine blood tests play a crucial role in maintaining your overall health and fitness thus emulating the role played by diet and exercise. By offering an important snapshot of your overall health and its various parameters, these routine tests facilitate a great way to catch various types of illnesses or diseases early thus allowing you to take corrective action before it goes on to develop into some more sinister. To that end, if you are determined about living healthy and leading a long life, you need to start taking your blood tests seriously.

Planning ahead and scheduling a blood test on time can help prevent the onset of various diseases while also helping certain conditions from spiralling out of control. By opting for regular tests, you will be able to detect health conditions or diseases early before they become a problem. Which is why you must opt for annual or half-yearly preventive blood tests to boost your chances for treatment & cure and also to see how well your body responds to treatments for various conditions. Factors which determine how often you need to go in for tests is dependent on your age, family history, medical history and how often you smoke/drink. Some of the common blood tests at Tottenham Court Road include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) test
  • Basic metabolic panel
  • complete metabolic panel (CMP)
  • Lipid Panel Test
  • A thyroid panel, or thyroid function test
  • Enzyme markers
  • Sexually transmitted disease tests
  • Coagulation panel test
  • DHEA-sulfate serum test
  • C-reactive protein test

Speak to your healthcare professional to understand if there are any other blood tests you may need to ensure your optimal health.

About Private Health Checkups in Tottenham Court Road

So what do preventive health check-ups bring to the table? Well, a health check-up can be described as a precautionary stand you take towards living a longer, healthier life. This comprehensive check-up of your body covers the essentials such as an overall physical examination –which includes the eyes and teeth – thus making sure that you're doing more than just kicking the tyres when it comes to your health. Additionally, the functioning of your organs such as your heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, kidneys will also be assessed along with a look into your immune system status. A health check-up also comprises of a pathology (blood and urine), lungs function test, imaging (x-ray and ultrasonography), and cardiac stress test. In some cases, cancer-specific tests such as PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) for males and mammography and certain types of gynaecological exams in women might also be ordered.


Common questions & answers

Q: How to find private blood test clinics near me in Tottenham Court Road?

A: We have organized and curated a list of clinics which provide comprehensive health tests, medical screenings and doctor consultations in Tottenham Court Road. All you need to do is search the required blood test from the Search tab and choose the Tottenham Court Road in the Location tab to find your nearest clinic.

Q: How to book a blood test with labs in Tottenham Court Road?

A: Zealth ensures that you have clinics in Tottenham Court Road or where you reside or work, and those that work on weekends so that you can avail the health checks and screenings at your convenience. We have made the blood test and health screening booking in Tottenham Court Road very easy. You can select your nearest clinic and click the Book Now tab.

Q: Is there any same-day blood test lab near me in Tottenham Court Road?

A: Tottenham Court Road has a large number of private blood test labs offering same-day tests and results. Zealth can help and assist you in booking a preferred test with the nearest lab in Tottenham Court Road. All you need to do is click on the above link and select Tottenham Court Road from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: Can walk-in clinics in Tottenham Court Road do blood tests?

A: Zealth lists the walk-in clinics in Tottenham Court Road to ease the process of performing your blood test. Walk-in appointments may vary depending on the lab. Click on the above link and select Tottenham Court Road from the drop-down, then select the lab and book online.

Q: How to check blood test results online?

A: Selected clinics in Tottenham Court Road offer blood test results online. Zealth makes its optimum effort to make online test booking experience smooth and seamless. Select the clinics which offer online results in Tottenham Court Road and book online.