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Vitall is located at Covent Garden, London. Their main focus lies in detecting diseases which can be prevented if intervened at the correct time, in short, easy access to preventive healthcare for all. Tests & investigation for the "Big Three' - Diabetes Cholesterol levels & Liver function which are often associated with health hazards & lifestyle risks along with assessing hormonal issues through thyroid function tests, menopause tests, detecting nutritional deficiencies, common sexual health concerns etc are all available. Test your health from home to help you proactively check & manage your health Complete Health Tracking through Health Profile Tests: Health screenings curated for every individual need ranging from core heart & liver function to full body check-ups. These health profiles are further categorised to suit an individuals requirement. Core Lifestyle: A basic health screening package with tests for checking cholesterol & liver function. Damage Control: This is more of a risk analysis health screening packages to asses & prevent Diabetes, Cholesterol issues & liver function. Sport Plus: Catering mainly to athletes & weekend warriors, this health screening package is mainly focused to ensure your body is not deficient of essential vitamins & nutrients whilst ensuring you are healthy for sporting activities. Complete Health Check: As the name suggests, this health screening package is curated to asses a holistic view of your complete health. Why Choose Vitall? Offers only the best in class Collaboration only with top quality certified laboratories Clear & sensitive communication of results Patient Data Confidentiality Convenience: Definitive home testing services with no requirement to book an appointment or take time off work. Free Delivery: The finger-prick blood test is cautiously packaged with all the things you require VItall ensures to deliver your tests results within 24 hours. Personalised explanations and evidence-based recommendations ensure you fully understand your body.

William Harlans

As a keen runner I wanted to see if my body was at peak performance and where I could improve my nutrition. The results from Vitall were really helpful, I wasn't expecting so much extra detail and it was fantastic to know where I could look to refine my diet.

Claire Armstrong

I was excited when I first checked my test results and I was pleased to confirm my general health was good. The tests showed my cholesterol was a little high so I'm trying to watch my diet more closely. I hope to test again soon and see an improvement!


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