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DNA Diagnostics Centre is an internationally recognised DNA testing company which focuses on the development of innovative DNA testing services. Why choose DDC? • Covers all aspects of DNA testing: DNA storage, paternity, siblingship, maternity, ancestry, and forensic consultancy. • Accuracy, Reliability and Integrity • Certified with ACLASS Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025) and ASCLD/LAB • Every DNA test is run twice • Laboratory is staffed with proven experts • Extended analysis is performed when needed • Laboratory is state of the art This centre has a team of geneticists and counsellors and a customer services department who ensures the confidentiality of the customers. With proven excellence, they ensure safety in collecting, processing, testing, distributing and administering the DNA testing services. It is located in many cities in the UK for the convenience and comfortability of the customers. DNA Diagnostics Centre stays on the cutting edge of genetic diagnostics to provide its customers with a detailed and accurate report. DNA Paternity Tests: Based on the purpose, this test can be divided as Legal Paternity Test, Peace of Mind Paternity Test, Prenatal Paternity Test. When people choose the DNA Diagnostics Centre for these tests, they will have Quick Results, Low cost, Painless Collection, Local Collection sites, Legally Defensible. Accreditations: The DNA Diagnostics Centre has been accredited by the Ministry of Justice, ISO/IEC 17025 Certification, AABB and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The comprehensive range of services provided by DDC includes the arrangement of sample collection, chain of custody, and quality assurance. They also assist in the interpretation of results backed by a dedicated customer support team and overseen by the company’s full time geneticist. The centre also offers Immigration DNA Testing for clients who need to provide DNA evidence of biological relationships for immigration. They also help determine a person’s bio-geographic ancestry with Ancestry tests which include Paternal Lineage Test and Maternal Lineage Tests.

Sarah Boseley

“I got separated from my sister due to an earthquake which happened 15 years ago. In my mission to get her back, I tried various options. Finally, DNA Diagnostics Centre made it possible, I found my real biological sister. Now we are happily united and enjoy every moment with each other.”

Chris Pepper

“An unknown person claimed on our ancestral properties with a bad intention. The timely test reports by DNA Diagnosis centre came to our rescue and proved his claim is baseless. This has helped us to claim our ancestral properties. Now my family senses a sigh of relief and settled happily in the UK.”


  • Hammersmith Grove, London