IPSA Medical Centre

  •   7 Harben Parade, Finchley Road, London,NW3 6JP

About Clinic

IPSA Medical Centre is a Private GP Service. They are also available seven days a week at Swiss Cottage/ Regent’s Park /Hampstead area for walk-in appointments and booked appointments. Their Private GP services are available in and around North London with the best network of private doctors. In-house private GPs are also available in the clinic. They provide an option for online booking which allows the patients to book an appointment in advance. Services offered: Same day (walk-in) GP, General medical services, Sexual health clinic, Minor injury procedures, health screening, Fertility, Family planning, Medical tests and investigations, injections, monitoring of medical conditions, visa medicals, and travel clinic. Why see a doctor at IPSA Walk-in Clinic? • Patients are attended urgently the same day or at a time convenient for them (up to 11pm) • Experienced, professional A&E under trained doctors • Doctors spend plenty of time without any rush • Full range of investigations, screening & blood tests • Option for further private specialist referrals • Efficient, convenient, affordable and high-quality healthcare • Warm, conducive and professional environment • Fast turnaround for results General Medical Services: It includes General consultation, chest infection, outer ear infections, constipation, Urine infection, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic infections, Laryngitis, Gastric Reflux, Rectal Bleeding, skin infections, middle ear infections, gastroenteritis. Sexual Health Clinic: A knowledgeable and professional specialist offers consultation for Syphilis, HIV testing, bacterial infections, Genital warts(HPV), Blood tests, Chlamydia Screening and treatment, scabies, vaginal infections, swabs, Gonorrhoea, Herpes screening and treatment, full STD screen, hepatitis, Candida screening and treatment, pubic lice and body lice, vaginal thrush. The major benefit of sexual health testing at this clinic is it is very confidential and patient-centered. Travel Clinic: They offer an affordable and convenient travel vaccination service based on the patient's travel destination. They also advise about the boosters and appropriate time to initiate the schedule for vaccine.

Tora Leong

“Registered with their private GP and received consultation last week. I was very satisfied with the service and my health condition is better now. The doctor spent time talking through my concerns and answering my questions. He was very professional, kind and sympathetic. I would highly recommend them.”

Neil Ruparelia

“I received the best guidance and support from the doctor. I was much worried about confidentiality but their work made me relax. It will always be the go for service in my future. I would also highly recommend their service to anyone who needs quality health care.”


  • 7 Harben Parade, Finchley Road, London