North Kensington Medical Centre

  •   North Kensington Medical Centre, St. Quintin Avenue, London,W10 6NX


About Clinic

Founded in 2004, North Kensington Medical Centre focuses on providing personalised medical care to the people in North Kensington. They offer a full range of primary general medical services including maternity care, childhood surveillance and minor surgery. They also provide the option of consulting with the same doctor to ensure their care is continuous. They make sure to provide appointments without delays for every individual with the utmost care. Appointments: The centre offers the facility of booking the appointments with a doctor 2 weeks in advance. This time varies in case of appointments with Nurse, Health Care Assistant and Clinical Pharmacist as it can be up to 6 weeks in advance. Telephonic appointments with the doctors are also possible by letting the doctor contact the patient anytime during the opening hours. Online service, phone and visiting the reception are the few options to book the appointment. They also offer home visits if the request is placed before 10.30 am. Before paying a visit, they also make sure that the patient is genuinely housebound. The test results can be handed over to the respective patient during the allocated times. They also provide online service to check your results when the patient has registered already. Other than General Primary Medical services they also offer Phlebotomy (blood samples), Simple Wound Care, Anti-Coagulation Blood Testing (warfarin monitoring), Risk of Diabetes and Diabetes Care Level 1, ECG Testing, Mental health and serious mental health/illness services and care planning, Spirometry (measuring lung capacity), Near Patient Testing, Ring Pessaries, 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. The Practice nurse takes care of cervical smear tests, contraception services, dressing of wounds, removal of stitches and a few more. Counselling for couples and psychological issues can be arranged by booking an appointment with a Practice Counsellor. This service is available for two sessions in a week.

Nic Besley

“Perfect – one word to explain their service. The receptionist on the front desk was very sweet. She understood my nervous and eased me before the appointment. People like her are much needed in worse situation. Grateful to her always.”

James Bartlett

“These guys are superb! I had an immediate appointment with the doctor. Received all the care and attention I needed. I’m doing well now. Can’t ask for more. Thank you guys”


  • North Kensington Medical Centre, St. Quintin Avenue, London