Sloane Street Gynaecology Clinic

  •   51 Sloane St, London,,SW1X 9SW

About Clinic

Based in London, Colposcopy treatment clinic is a leading Private Gynaecology clinic providing outreach services at Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Harley Street. The man behind the exceptional service is Mr.Thomas Ind who is an experienced gynaecological surgeon and specialist in Cervical Cancer. He offers his consultation from private gynaecology clinics in London for gynaecology related issues of women. Services like private smear tests, colposcopy, and skilled investigation and treatment of abnormal smear tests are carried out in Central London. The patients undergoing the smear test at this clinic will be educated on all the know-how about the test. To ease the women who feel nervous about their smear tests, the expert team will guide them in every step. At central London Clinic, the private colposcopy is carried out by expert gynaecologist, Mr. Thomas Ind. He is supported with the latest equipment and state-of-the art colposcopy suite to provide high quality treatment. The clinic offers safe procedures for Cone biopsy, Iletz surgery, and treatment for CIN. HPV is another common problem faced by women. They are tested and treated at the Central London clinic with utmost care under the specialist consultant. Colposcopy equipment: It includes the DySIS, Dynamic Spectral Imaging system. When the cervix is visualised, this equipment helps to detect the cancer and pre-cancer risks with the digital data. Mr.Thomas Ind works with a multi-disciplinary team to help the patients walk through the process in a comfortable and stress-free environment. The clinics are well equipped with all advanced technologies and sterile instruments to carry out all the procedures.

Maria Nanton

“I was 33 years old when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My friend suggested Dr.Thomas for my treatment. I had my complete faith in him and underwent the treatment. He was very optimistic and helped me to get rid of this condition. Today I’m completely cancer-free. Very much grateful for his life-saving treatment”

Tracy Jimenez

“It was just a regular check-up. After receiving a test result for positive HPV, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Dr.Thomas and his team became very concerned and supported me mentally along with various treatments. I successfully crossed the worst phase of my life with their support. Thanks to the team”


  • 51 Sloane St, London,