Allergy London

  •   215 Great Portland St, London,W1W 5PN

About Clinic

Allergy London is one of its kind allergy clinic specialising in both paediatric and adult allergic disorders and treatments. Dr.Adam Fox and Professor Stephen are the leading consultant allergists who offer the best care to allergy sufferers in a holistic approach. Conditions: The experts at Allergy London treat a wide spectrum of conditions including Asthma/wheeze, Eczema, Hayfever, Pet allergies, Dust mite allergies, Food allergies, Drug allergies, Insect sting allergies, Gastrointestinal Allergy and Eosinophilic gut disease, Urticaria. Allergy Testing: With cutting edge technology, tests like Skin prick tests, blood tests, molecular diagnostics, breathing tests, provocation tests are carried out in a sterile environment. Treatments: The treatment methods include Desensitisation, Medication and avoidance strategies. The clinic offers the most advanced desensitisation treatments which prevent the symptoms for the long run. The desensitisation can be performed using two methods Subcutaneous Immunotherapy, Sublingual Immunotherapy. Practices like Pollen immunotherapy is advisable for children and adults who are not benefited from conventional medical treatments. For some people, the most effective treatment can be medication. In such cases, the specialists understand the positive effects as well as the side effects to provide better treatment. For food allergy management, the dieticians provide on-going support and advise strategies to manage with alternate foods. They also share tips on the best methods to reduce exposure to dust mites. The highly professional team at Allergy London ensures that the patients walk through the journey of the treatment without much stress. Allergology sees rapid advancements day by day with new techniques to diagnose and treat the disease. So, the team is actively involved in research to bring breakthrough innovation that benefits the patients in a much better way.

Tiffany C

“Great place! The doctor listened to my concern patiently and cleared all my doubts and questions. Staffs were very helpful and eased me completely. Thanks for doing such a good job, I got relieved from the worst allergic disease. Now I can happily move around the city.”

Mark Lipe

"I was suffering from an allergy triggered by grass. I underwent body ache and continuous sneezing and even missed out few days at my college. Treatment at Allergy London clinic helped to achieve complete relief and saved my life. It’s just amazing without any side effects. Thank you team”


  • 215 Great Portland St, London