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About Clinic

Foresight Medical Centre is located at 99 Harley Street. It is a long-standing private medical clinic with a history of over 30 years with the main focus on preventive medicine. The Foresight Medical Centre is renowned for its reputation in medical excellence care and the emphasis is laid on diagnosis & prevention of health disorders through traditional & western practices. Treating patients with integrity, compassion care & ensuring patient confidentiality is maintained os one of the core values of the clinic. A preventive approach supported by the latest technology & innovation in medical means that an individual has the best chance to live a strong and healthy life. Appointments with General Practitioners can be made in advance or for the same day and if treatment is required then you can meet the same doctor every time you visit the clinic. As already mentioned, Foresight Medical Centre uses the most advanced & innovative technology available in the healthcare sector to help diagnose medical disorders & successfully treated Full Range of Services Offered: Personalised Health Screening Men’s Health Women’s Health General Medicine Seniors Health Service Preventive Medicine Confidential STD Screening Adult Vaccinations Travel Clinic Private GP London Why Choose Foresight Medical Centre? Same Day Referral: The Medical centre offers an efficient referral system that gives you access to a wide range of tests & investigations faster than would normally be possible. Same Day or Next Day Appointments: Appointments with GPS is given within 48 hrs & less to make sure that no individual has to wait in long queues. Prompt Copies of all Reports: Printed or electronic reports and copies of any test results will be provided & when required the medical centre can also send it to your regular doctor. Confidential Healthcare: All reports, test results and appointments are treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and your privacy is always assured.


Brilliant and knowledgeable team; they completed the diagnosis with utmost care and made sure all the results were accurate; extremely happy with their service.


I was much worried about my health condition and it created nightmares for me. Thanks to Dr.Lina and team. They saved me from a life threating disease.


  • 99 Harley St, London