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Genomic Medicine UK provides Genomic Testing for patients in the UK and Europe. Their goal is to make genomic testing available for patients and doctors without facing any obstacle and barriers. The specialists in Genomic testing laboratory use cutting edge technologies like DNA Sequencing, DNA chip microarray and DNA genotyping for this process. They provide their services for various assessments like Genomic risk assessments for common diseases and Genomic risk assessment for cancers. Mission: Their focus is towards offering • Highest standard of Genomic testing • High-tech laboratory services • Comprehensive information and support • Allocate time to individual patients • wellbeing of all the patients • Building a long term relationship with patients • Implementing the latest molecular pathology technologies For partner medical doctors, the Genomic medicine UK provides a list of Genomic medicine profiles from risk assessment to medical treatment planning. They use DNA genotyping to investigate about the Osteoarticular diseases that are inherited from patient’s genes. For patients, they provide comprehensive services like advanced biomarkers tests, personalised medical treatments, genomic risk assessment, Screening for cancer, Genomic cancer prevention tests, Oncology Pharmacogenomics, well person health assessment, specialised health check-ups, diagnostic medical tests, precision sexual medicine, online cancer risk assessment. The Genomic Medicine UK follows evidence-based practices such as the Human Genome Project which identifies a sequence of approximately 3 billion nucleotides in the human haploid genome. The patients can provide their samples in the clinic so that the Genomic tests can be carried out. The team of licensed doctors carries out the tests at ISO certified and accredited molecular pathology laboratory and reports are prepared without any delay.


“Wonderful team! I never felt rushed! They understood the stress I underwent and completely put me at ease. Sensing the urgency, they provided me with immediate reports. They are attentive and professional. Very trustworthy too. You guys have a customer for life.”

Cynthia Zamora

"My parents and grandparents suffered from cancer. This made me lose my peacefulness as the fear caught in my mind. I approached Genomic Medicine UK for a test and the results were negative. Now I sense a great relief. Thank you, team”


  • 8 Harley St, London