Rapid Access Gynaecology

  •   25 Harley St, London,W1G 9QW

About Clinic

Rapid Access Gynaecology is a Private Gynaecology Clinic in London offering comprehensive care from Consultations to Gynaecological Surgery. Dr.Morris is a specialist consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who offers prompt investigation diagnosis and treatment. He also works in conjunction with a breast feeding midwife counsellor who has knowledge on breast feeding and baby massage. The clinic focuses on Harmony Prenatal Test which helps to prevent Down’s syndrome in babies. Medical Procedures: The various procedures offered by them are Gynae surgical procedures, Pelvic reconstruction, Cosmetic gynaecology, MonaLisa Touch for vaginal atrophy, Laparoscopic surgery, polycystic ovaries and menopause. Antenatal care Package: They provide 20 weeks of holistic antenatal care. This includes dating scan, Monthly antenatal assessments, Screening for Down’s syndrome, Anomaly scan, 4D Ultra-Sound bonding scan, Growth scan, Weekly antenatal appointments, Presence and supervision of normal delivery, Caesarean section and instrumental vaginal delivery (ventouse and forceps). Monalisa Touch Laser Therapy: This technique helps with vaginal treatment during the menopause of women. This is a Hormone Free Vaginal Rejuvenation which takes just a few minutes with virtually no pain or side effects. This minimally invasive laser treatment helps in the stimulation and production of Collagen. The team offers necessary OBGYN treatments and services at high tech specialist clinics in London.

Heather Evans

“My experience with Dr.Morris was wonderful. I’m so glad that I picked him. He was there to give me the best help when I was much worried about my medical issues. He gave a detailed education on my health. Very friendly and supportive too. I’m forever grateful to Dr.Morris.”

Sofia Eriksson

“I’m fortunate to be Dr. Morris's patient. The journey of my pregnancy was amazing. He had an incredible understanding of my health and my baby. The delivery of my baby girl went smoothly and we both are healthy. He helped bring my little one to this world so my gratitude will never lessen.”


  • 25 Harley St, London